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We entered this business in 2004 for one reason: people.

Office products are not just about staplers, chairs, and toilet paper. They are about the people who use them. 
At ACTA we believe in making an everyday difference to our customers through genuine customer service, quality product solutions and swift delivery. We are Waikato-owned office product experts here for all your everyday office needs from the necessities (like toilet paper, toner and tissues) to your big investments (like printers, furniture and technology). Nothing you need is too big or too small for our team to find for your office. We are proud to have weathered many different economic and (more recently) pandemic events and our business has continued to endure and thrive because of the amazing and loyal customer base we have built up over the decades.  
Our Purpose:  
To be the first-choice provider of office supplies to Waikato businesses.
To continuously improve the way our company works so that our customers always feel proud to be doing business with a fellow Waikato company. 
To build a company in which our team, our customers and the Waikato business community take pride. 


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