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We've got some big news to share, and who better to hear it from than us, right? 

So, here it goes: ACTA Office Products is starting a brand new chapter - we've been acquired by Office Products Depot!

We've tucked away all the key info at the bottom of this page but before we get into the details here is a short message from David and Denise Ferguson - Owners and Directors of ACTA Office Products. 

Wow, can you believe it's been twenty years since we first started selling office products? It’s been an incredible journey filled with so many cherished moments – from those late-night laughs to the early-morning coffees, and yes, even braving through a global pandemic together! 

Our dream was always to build more than just a business. We wanted a place where honesty, kindness, and amazing relationships flourished – and guess what? You helped make that dream a reality.

You, our wonderful customers, are the heart of our ACTA family. Your support, your smiles, your feedback, it's all been a huge part of what makes us, well, us! 

We've been so proud to bring you not just great products, but a smile and a friendly smile, solutions to your problems and some fun banter every time we came to visit or you dropped in to see us. 

So, here's a massive THANK YOU! Your loyalty, enthusiasm, and the memories we've shared have been the highlight of our days.

Now, as we step into this exciting new phase, we just have to pause and express our gratitude. You've been with us through thick and thin, and for that, we're forever grateful. 

You're not just customers; you're part of our epic story.

If you've got questions, give us a ring! We've tried to cover the basics below but we're always here for you if you have other questions.

Thanks for being the best part of ACTA. Here’s to new adventures, and remember, we're always just a phone call away.

Cheers and big smiles,

David, Denise and the whole Team at ACTA



What’s going to happen to my account?

Your account will be transferred to OPD, and you can continue ordering as usual, but only through their website, not ours. An OPD representative will contact you with your new login information after the business transfer.

What is going to happen to my pricing?

Unfortunately, we don’t have all the answers here, as pricing decisions rest with your new account managers at OPD. However, we are confident that someone from OPD will be in contact with you to discuss your account and pricing.

What is going to happen to any outstanding orders I have placed with ACTA that have not arrived by February 29th?

Your outstanding orders will be transferred to OPD, and they will ensure that the products you are waiting for will be delivered in a timely manner.

When does ACTA end and Office Products Depot begin?

ACTA Office Products' final day of trading will be the 29/02/24

Will I still have the same account manager?

The assignment of account managers is currently a process of negotiation between our current account managers and OPD. As soon as things are finalised, you will be notified about who your new account manager will be.

Who should I contact with my inquiries after the settlement date?

Your new OPD account manager will be in touch to answer all your questions after the first of March.


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